Safer Streets set to continue its focus on revellers

The “Safer Streets” campaign is set to continue in Aberdeenshire this summer and will focus on selected Aberdeenshire shows and marquee dances.

It will also see those involved in trouble potentially face a court ordered exclusion order from future events.

Additional joint police patrols and Licensing Standards Officers will be deployed and people will also be offered information regarding the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and its link to ill health, violent crime and antisocial behaviour.

Inspector Gillian Milne, Aberdeenshire Licensing for Grampian Police said: “Through a positive working relationship with key partners, there has been a significant reduction in violent crime and antisocial behaviour throughout Aberdeenshire.

“We are well aware however, that there can be no room for complacency. We are determmined to build on this progress and make no apologies for the strong stance we take on those intent on criminal behaviour.

“The vast majority of people who attend these events in Aberdeenshire enjoy a good night out and do so responsibly.

“Police Officers all too often however see the same few individuals involved in incidents which are generally related to alcohol misuse.

“This small group of individuals will be targeted for court exclusion orders that will prevent individuals attending future.”

Willie Munro, Chair of the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership said: “The Safer Streets initiative allows several partner agencies to work together in order to discourage people from taking part in anti-social behaviour and alcohol-fuelled crime.

“The actions of a small minority can cause misery to communities and we’re committed to making Aberdeenshire a safer place to live and work for all.”