Sandhaven harbour works begin

A diver has been working at Sandhaven and Pitullie's harbour.
A diver has been working at Sandhaven and Pitullie's harbour.

Work has begun at Sandhaven harbour which should see voids on its seabed filled within the next week.

Funding for the extensive project, which has seen a diver deployed to place gravel bags in the initial stage of the works, was secured from a grant awarded by the Scottish Government.

A spokesperson for the Sandhaven and Pitullie Harbour Trust commented: “They’re going to be putting in bags initially,” explaining that Aberdeen Marine Services Ltd have been contracted to do the work.

AMS will reinforce the voids before filling them with concrete in the next stage of the repair.

It is believed that a combination of the recent storms to hit the area and strong currents at the seabed had contributed in creating the voids, some of which are two metres wide and one metre deep.

Constructed in 1835, the, at places, dilapidated harbour suffers from its age, the stone walls infilled with rubble which, in turn, allows other stones to become loose when damaged.

The work is part of a grander image for the future of the North-east harbour, however, with plans to invest further into the harbour already in place by the Trust.

Concluding on the works by AMS, the Trust spokesperson added: “Without that, the point at the breakwater would have just collapsed into the seabed.”

Presently, Sandhaven and Pitullie’s shared harbour is used by private boat owners, a pontoon system in place to allow users to travel from their boats to land safely.

Fraserburgh’s Sea Cadets also make use of the harbour.

Work at Sandhaven and Pitullie’s harbour is expected to be completed by the end of next week, should weather conditions remain calm, causing minimal disruption to the harbour’s users.