Satrosphere welcomes new planetarium

Satrosphere Science Centre is delighted by the generous donation of a brand new planetarium from global energy company TAQA.

Satrosphere began fundraising for the “People’s Planetarium” in April after borrowing one over the October Holidays last year.

The planetarium received such fantastic feedback it was evident the people of Aberdeen wanted a permanent planetarium in their local science centre. Recently, TAQA overwhelmed staff at Satrosphere with the unexpected news they would donate the planetarium the attraction was campaigning for.

Pete Jones, managing director of TAQA’s UK business, said: “We are very proud to be working with Satrosphere.

“TAQA’s community relations programme places emphasis on education and Satrosphere is an important and valuable educational resource where the whole community can be engaged and inspired by science. As an operator TAQA has a long term sustainable view and key to this is investing in people through education in schools and the wider community.”

The planetarium is a valuable and exciting permanent resource, allowing us to cater for a wider audience of all ages, animating scientific topics to inspire Aberdeen. TAQA’s generous donation means the money raised so far will contribute towards purchasing new programming, ensuring the planetarium has a wide range of current and topical shows for visitors.