Scots come out as top sci-fi geeks in UK poll

Scots are the biggest sci-fi geeks in the UK, according to a new poll
Scots are the biggest sci-fi geeks in the UK, according to a new poll

Scots are the biggest sci-fi geeks in the UK according to a study commissioned to celebrate Star Wars Day (May The Fourth Be With You!)

More than half of Scots are self-proclaimed science fiction enthusiasts, the highest number across England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The research reveals the secrets behind some of the most famous science fiction technologies, and the energy cost of running them.

An invisibility cloak tops the most-wanted list for Scots, followed by the life remote control from Click. The good news for wannabe Harry Potters is that an invisibility device is not only feasible, it could be powered by the same amount of energy as a 100W light bulb – meaning it would cost less to vanish (a couple of pence per hour) than to cook a microwave meal.

The bad news for Trekkies is that powering a transporter such as those found on the Starship Enterprise would require five hundred times all the energy produced in the world today. If you wanted Scotty to beam you up, you’d need to fork out around one quadrillion pounds sterling (£1,000,000,000,000,000) for your electricity bill.

Other items on the wish-list included: a hoverboard, hoverbike, sonic screwdriver, X-Ray sunglasses, self-tying shoes, jet packs and a light saber.

The report was commissioned by Scottish Gas which worked with futurologist and sci-fi technology expert, Dr Ian Pearson.

Dr Pearson analysed a selection of popular sci-fi and fantasy technologies and found that many are actually much closer than a galaxy far far away.

He said: “The science fiction genre is famous for its use of imaginative gadgets – so fans will be glad to know that many of these are feasible in reality.

“With some careful modifications, we could create many of our favourite items of sci-fi technology, and surprisingly they’d cost no more to run than some of our most common household appliances.”