Scottish Baha’is enjoy summer school

THE Bahá’is of Scotland held this year’s summer school at Comrie Croft, near Crieff, in Perthshire.

For a week from July 23 to 29, more than 100 people attended. Baha`is from the North East were at the school and from various parts of Scotland and the Islands. Also attending were Baha`is from England, Ireland and youth from Malta and Australia.

All participants at the school serve in one way or another by helping with the cooking serving the food and being involved with children’s classes and entertainment.

Talks and workshops held at the school gave examples of how religion as been a common influence in human history and how it as led to the development of nations and peoples and that they are united in their core believes and that the spiritual nature of people can create the desire for individual and collective development.

An arts day was held each evening, with entertainment provided by the children and the youth and adults, while a ceilidh with the Cosmic Ceilidh Band saw Scottish dancing enjoyed with much enthusiasm by all young and old, followed by a firework display which brought the week to an end.