Scottish memories book opens to public

Christian Allard MSP.
Christian Allard MSP.

French-born MSP Christian Allard is sponsoring an exhibition for the Scottish Memories – Immigration Stories book at the Scottish Parliament this week.

The book was on show at Holyrood on August 12 and 13 where visitors had the opportunity to look at the book and read panels with a synopsis of the stories. This Heritage Lottery funded project was developed by Trust, Hanover (Scotland) and Bield housing associations.

The book captures the inspiring stories of ethnic minority immigrants who came to Scotland to build new lives half a century ago.

It focuses on those who the experiences of men and women who came from India, Pakistan, China, Africa and the Caribbean in the 1950s and 1960s.

Commenting, North East MSP Christian Allard said: “The Scottish Memories – Immigration Stories book is a fantastic way of documenting the experiences of immigrants from around the world that have made a contribution to Scotland.

“As a new Scot myself, I find it particularly interesting to read about the struggles and achievements of others that have chosen to make their home here in Scotland.

“From my own experiences I can safely say that modern Scotland is a welcoming, friendly nation that values the addition and contribution of people from other cultures.”

Project manager Rohini Sharma Joshi said: “I feel fortunate and honoured to have had the opportunity to meet these inspiring and hard-working people who are an example of courage and proof that determination and hard work overcome obstacles to make a life and be successful in your adopted home.”