Search on to find favourite Lottery funded projects

PEOPLE in Aberdeenshire are being called on to nominate their favourite Lottery-funded project for recognition in The National Lottery Awards 2011.

In the last year alone, more than £3 million of Lottery funding has been invested in good causes in the City of Aberdeen and surrounding Aberdeenshire and now The National Lottery is encouraging these projects, and any organisation that has received Lottery funding over the past 16 years, to enter the awards and gain national recognition for their work.

Rebecca Gowrley of The National Lottery Awards, says: “These awards are the annual search to find the UK’s favourite Lottery-funded projects. Lottery players raise £28 million every week for projects both large and small, which benefit people, places and communities all across the UK.

“The National Lottery Awards recognise how Lottery-funded projects put that money to good use and celebrate the people behind the projects who work so tirelessly to make their organisations a success.

“If a Lottery-funded project has had a positive impact on your local area, made a real difference to your life or if you are personally involved with a project that is transforming your community, we want to hear from you.”

If you want to see a project from Aberdeenshire celebrated visit to find out more.