Senga donates hair to charity

Senga Buntrock after the cut with hairdresser Carlene Riddoch
Senga Buntrock after the cut with hairdresser Carlene Riddoch

A woman from Strichen 
gave an unusual donation to charity recently and her 
husband was there to 
capture the moment.

Senga Buntrock, 38, had 14” of her own hair cut to be donated to The Little Princesses Trust which specializes in producing wigs made from human hair for child cancer victims.

It is the same charity pop singer Jessie J donated her hair to after she shaved it off in aid of Comic Relief earlier this year.

Senga had her hair chopped off on Thursday, May 30 at local salon Cinderella’s, where hairdresser Carlene Riddoch was amazed and really moved by what Senga was doing and why she decided to donate 
her hair.

Taking pictures of the event was Senga’s husband, David, who said: “I was extremely apprehensive about Senga having 14” of her hair cut off because I love long hair on women, but due to the reason and good that it would achieve, I was fully supportive and encouraging of her going through with it.”

Senga herself said: ““I felt nervous and apprehensive, however I knew that it was such a great cause and I am lucky because at least my 
hair can grow back.

“The little Princess Trust do a fantastic job supporting children who have lost their hair through 
cancer treatment.

Senga added: “The support I have received through all of the donations was overwhelming and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has donated.”

Senga was hoping to raise £400 for the charity which would be enough to make one wig, but she has currently raised just over £1,600.

Donations can be given 
on Senga’s online charity site: