September proving to be a bad month for bikers

September has started badly for motorcyclists, with six serious and four minor collisions recorded within its first week.

Inspector Jim Wood from Grampian Police, Road Policing Dept who has led Operation Zenith for the last two years said: “Unfortunately, and despite a good start to the first six months of this years operation, the first week of September has seen a number of motorcyclists being injured in collisions throughout the North East.

“September has always been one of the worst months of the year in the Grampian area for motorcycle collisions, and I would reiterate the road safety messages we have sent out to motorcyclist and other road users.

“This is to think about the standards they put to their own driving/riding and the rules they set themselves before they set out on any journey.

“From our experience it tends to be the same few behaviours for both car drivers and motorcyclists which catch folk out, and which can lead to serious or fatal consequences.

“These include driving too fast, inappropriate overtaking, poor positioning, poor observation and driving too close to the vehicle in front.

“As summer rolls into autumn, and daylight hours get shorter, road conditions can and do change dramatically during the course of a journey. Drivers and riders should be aware of this, and of how it can affect their riding/driving. We ask that they are realistic about their own abilities and keep their observations up and their speed down.

“Over the last two years we have seen a positive reduction in motorcyclists being injured and killed on our roads.

“The partners involved in Operation Zenith have worked hard to promote this, however there has to be a level of personal responsibility by all who drive or ride in considering their own and others safety.

“I would ask all who use our roads this autumn to drive carefully and to Look twice, think Bike, think Biker.....”