Shetland pony called Pudding and 31 other bizarre things left behind in Travelodges

A Shetland pony similar to the one left behind in a Travelodge.
A Shetland pony similar to the one left behind in a Travelodge.

From a prenuptial agreement to a message in a bottle, Travelodge has released a list of the most bizarre items found in its hotels.

Here’s the full list:

Aberdeen Airport: A business contract between two oil companies

Ayr: A miniature Shetland pony called Pudding

Basildon: A Swarovski encrusted 5ft wedding cake

Bath Waterside: A rice cooker

Birmingham Newhall Street: A collection of lightsabres in different colours

Birmingham Airport: A vintage Lionel train set worth £1,200

Birmingham Oldbury: A Louis Vuitton wallet containing money

Bournemouth: A friend called Seamus

Brighton: A politician’s speech and a message in a bottle

Cambridge Newmarket Road: A 3D model of London

Canterbury Chaucer: Children’s Range Rover car

Cardiff Atlantic Wharf: A prenuptial agreement

Chelmsford: Keys to a Bentley

Chester Central: A replica of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

Crawley: A set of manuals on how to fly a plane

Edinburgh Queen Street: A book of stories written by a ten year old called John

Glasgow Airport: A Fender Guitar

Harrogate West Park: A wedding proposal poem

Inverness Fairways: A set of company accounts

Liverpool Exchange Street: A Centurion card (Black American Card)

London Bank: A business contract written in Mandarin

London Kings Cross Central: A suitcase of Disney Princess outfits

London Farringdon: A stamp collection that goes back 50 years

London Southgate: A family secret recipe that has passed down five generations for pasta sauce

Manchester Upper Brook Street: A suitcase of Jimmy Choo shoes

Middlesbrough: A house made out of bread

Newbury London Road: Cake recipes from The Great British Bake Off TV programme

Newcastle: A diamond tiara

Oldham Chadderton: A mother-in-law called June

Nottingham Riverside: A Klingon (Vulcan) phase book

Sheffield Central: A wedding saree worth £10,000 and a Chewbacca costume

Stafford M6: A collection of Steiff teddy bears worth £5,000

Sunderland High Street West: A collection of prosthetic legs