Shop owners vow to keep on trading after Fraserburgh fire destroys all their stock

Lynn Barclay with some over her ruined stock following the fire
Lynn Barclay with some over her ruined stock following the fire

Owners of a Fraserburgh carpet store have vowed to carry on trading after a deliberate fire at a former Fraserburgh hotel destroyed all their stock.

Barclay Carpets had thousands of pounds worth of material ruined by smoke damage after the fire at the old Station Hotel on Seaforth Street last week.

Lynn Barclay, owner of Barclay Carpets, said: "Our shop was full of smoke and everything is gone.

"The smoke was really bad and it's a bit of a mess but it could have been a lot worse I suppose."

Lynn is determined that her shop will continue to trade despite the damage and has asked her customers to bear with them.

She said: "All our stock is gone so we can only get orders from samples.

"We have got the builders and the electricians in so we are trading from the car park."

Detectives are still investigating the fire which started at the former hotel, now flats, around 9 pm on Monday October 24.

Lynn said: "We got a knock on the door on Monday night.

"When we came down [to the shop] the fireman was coming round the corner and told us to get out because we would need a breathing apparatus because the smoke was so bad.

"The fire brigade said it would have been a lot worse if they hadn't gotten to it quickly."

Lynn arrived at the scene around 9.30 pm and said the fire brigade didn't leave until 0.30 am on Tuesday.

She said: "They came in with big fans and it blew all the smoke out but the smell is still awful strong."

It could be after the new year before Barclay Carpets is running as normal again but Lynn is hoping to get everything done "as soon as possible" and in the meantime continue trading as best they can.

She said: "All our stock is gone but we can still order from samples so please bear with us and we are still trading."