Shore Street speed fears

Speeding: Shore Street will be added to the Council Roads Department's list of Speed Assessments.
Speeding: Shore Street will be added to the Council Roads Department's list of Speed Assessments.

Speeding cars in and around Fraserburgh has been an issue for many local residents for the past few years.

In a recent focus group of residents living in Shore Street, late night speeders was the top problem in the area.

Local councillor Ian Tait said: “At a recent meeting of a focus group which I attended, my constituents in Shore Street complained about drivers who were speeding and this was causing a lot of disturbance, particularly at night.

“It is a very long straight street and there is no doubt in my mind that the residents are having to endure much disturbance from late night/ early morning speeders.

“I brought this to the attention of the council roads department and Shore Street will be added to the list of speed assessments to be carried out during 2012. There is an ongoing council programme of Speed Assessments and Shore Street will be added to it so this means that it will be May or June before an assessment is carried out.

“However once the problem is taken in hand then the council can consider what action to take when the results of the assessments are looked at and a permanent solution can be put into practice.

“In the meantime speeding and noisy driving should be raised with the police as they may be able to take some form of enforcement against the offending drivers.”

The Fraserburgh Herald visited Shore Street to ask passers-by what they thought of speeders on the street.

“There is definitely a problem with boy racers,” said Michelle Buchan.

“I don’t live in Shore Street but I have driven through it late at night and cars come speeding along down from the Kirk and go up to the Leisure Centre and round again.

“It’s a real danger for other road users and for pedestrians.”

However Daniel Thomson said: “I haven’t noticed their being a problem but then again I am only down at Shore Street occasionally and usually through the day.

“I do know that there is an issue with speeding around the Broch but I don’t know where specifically.”