Splash for Cash with the Broch Seals

editorial image

Mhairi Ross is pictured with some of the Broch Seals at the launch of the new FISSH fundraising scheme - Splash for Cash - being rolled out in September when you can take part in a swimathon.

A spokesman said: “You will be able to set your own challenge to swim as far as you can in any one week during the month of September.”

FISSH are hoping the people of Fraserburgh will take the plunge and support this latest initiative:

“We are asking as many people as possible to participate in this event, so we can raise as much money for you to get a super flume in your new swimming pool, sports and community facilities.

“We are also inviting children to take part during their normal swimming lessons at the swimming pool in September.

“FISSH committee members will be on hand to count breadths and lengths so normal swimming lessons will not be interupted,” she added.

You can collect sponsor forms from Lana May at Fraserburgh Swimming Pool or contact Mhairi Ross on 541373 or Doreen Mair on 514096. ACF2411-3957