Squash players raise concerns

Approaches have been made to the SNP team by squash players concerned about the future of the existing two courts beside the present Community Centre, which is scheduled to be demolished.

SNP candidate Charles Buchan said: “We recognise that the new Swimming Pool and Leisure Complex will be a great boon to our area, and, along with the re-vamped Banff and Buchan College, and the other improvements in the local infra-structure, is a green-shoots indicator of a renaissance in the fortunes of Fraserburgh.

“However, at present, the new complex has no provision for the specialised courts needed for squash, despite the increasing usage of the old courts, and the incredible popularity and take- up of the £22 per month ‘Active Aberdeenshire’ scheme. Ricky Sheaffe-Greene has researched that there will be no public squash facilities within seventeen miles, (with the nearest private courts ten miles away at Crimond) if the existing courts are lost.

“As a teacher, I am convinced of the necessity of all young people becoming involved in regular exercise. Squash ticks many of the healthy-living boxes. It is intense and very aerobic, has cardiac benefits, promotes suppleness, and strength, and is both competitive and produces social fellowship. It is enjoyable, and for to exercise regularly, you must like doing it! Minority sports like squash offers opportunities of exercise for people who don’t participate in mass sports such as swimming, running and football, and thus augment the general health of the town and district.

“In the meantime, Council officers have been contacted by Cllr. Brian Topping, and a number of discussions have taken place.

“We feel that investigations by the Council should be undertaken to determine the feasibility of retaining the existing squash courts. as an interim measure, before a more permanent solution is found. Going forward, when funding becomes available, squash courts could be built at the new facility at the James Ramsay Park.

“The SNP team, of Charles Buchan, Ricky Sheaffe-Greene, and Cllr Brian Topping, campaigning in the May Council election, pledges its support to efforts to retain squash facilities in the area,” he added.