Sticky Savers launch new appeal in Broch


a LOCAL fundraising card which has boosted business in the local area while giving charities, schools, youth groups and other non-profit organisations the chance to raise funds are looking for more businesses and charities to take part.

Sticky Savers cards are credit-card sized – so they fit neatly into a purse or wallet. They contain 64 individual peel off colour coupons each one promoting a great local business.

Sticky Savers has been set up in the North-East by William McBey, of Banff, who has brought the concept from the USA.

He said: “Charities, schools, youth groups and other non-profit organisations sell the Special Offer Cards for £10.00. For every card they sell they keep £5.00 In total the offers are typically worth well over £300 – and the offers are local to them.

The Sticky Savers fundraising card is a brilliant way for charities, schools, youth groups and other non-profit organisations to raise much needed money. They raise it easily as the work is done for them and the people they are selling to get a great deal - not a tombola!

“The Sticky Savers fundraising card is one of the most efficient and effective ways to bring in new customers.”

“Half of the proceeds from the sale of every card go to local good causes. Everyone from schools, churches, sports clubs and charities are benefitting.

If you’re a Charity or ‘non-profit’ organization and would like to raise £££’s quickly and easily, then Sticky Savers is a genuine, new and fantastic fund raising tool. It doesn’t cost anything as Sticky Savers cards are on a sale or return basis.

Organisations in the Broch including Fraserbugh Community Zone, FISSH, Jogscotland Fraserburgh and Fraserburgh Rotary have already got involved in the hope to raise some cash.

Mr McBey added: “I would like to say a massive thank you to all the businesses that are supporting our cards and helping to raise funds for local groups.”

Sticky Savers are looking for businesses in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & Morayshire towns who wish to be seen helping local good causes and at the same time attracting new and repeated customers.

Tell your favourite organisation about Sticky Savers and see if they want to get involved!

If you would like a Sticky Savers Fundraising card in your town, please let us know on 01261 450371 / 07812212292 or visit the web site or email More information can also be found on their facebook page at