Still plenty of time to submit an application for FISSH funding

The Fraserburgh area Initiative for Swimming, Sport and Health (FISSH), has a pot of money that it is making available to groups who wish to use the town’s new sports and community centre to help with purchase and start-up costs.

The sport or activity to be funded must be based within the new sports facility or have training sessions or seasonal activity within the building.

In the first instance, in June, each grant will not exceed £1000.

Each application must meet the required funding criteria to ensure they comply and each grant will only be made on a match-funding

However, FISSH will not refuse an application on the basis that funds have not been secured, but would withhold funds until such funds are in place.

Applications by letter, with supporting documentation, should be submitted before May 1, 2013 to: FISSH, 33 Mormond Avenue, Fraserburgh, AB43 9PX.

For further details, contact Doreen Mair on 01346 514096 or email