Street should be named after centre: Ian Tait

Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.
Fraserburgh Heritage Centre.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has said he hopes the new street in Fraserburgh will be named Heritage Grove.

The name of the street will be decided by councillors in Aberdeenshire at a meeting of the full council later this year.

“I really am delighted at the response I have had to my suggestion that we should name the new street at the Quarry Road area ‘Heritage Grove’,” Councillor Tait told us.

“It is near the Heritage Centre and I chose this name to mark the tremendous benefit the Heritage Centre brings to the town and area by bringing visitors in and preserving our local history and heritage, and educating our pupils on these matters.

“I also wanted to pay tribute to the dedicated volunteers who run the Heritage Centre and who make it such a success. Their unstinting, unpaid work should be recognised, and I chose the name ‘Heritage Grove’ to do this.

“What happens now is that the minute of the last area committee meeting will come before the next meeting of the area committee, on 6 May, for approval and will then go to the full Aberdeenshire Council on 19 June to make the decision. I will be proposing the name ‘Heritage Grove’ at the full council and I am hopeful of getting the necessary support for it.”

Councillor Tait also suggested that he had received complaints from constituents who were not pleased with the choice of ‘William Wallace Way’ being suggested for the new street name.

‘William Wallace Way’ and ‘Wallace Way’ were the choices voted on at the last meeting of the Banff and Buchan Area Committee before local councillor Michael Watt was successful in moving the decision on the full council.