Strichen Festival gears up for 30th year

Strichen Festival is gearing up to celebrate its 30th anniversary later this month.

Th epopular events will run from May 23-25 and feature a weekend of traditional music, singing, Doric verse, story-telling and great company.

The weekend kicks off with dancing on the Friday evening to Graeme Mitchell and his Scottish Dance Band at 8pm in the Ritchie Hall, Strichenm tickets priced £6.

Saturday is competition day commencing at 9.30am with Doric Verse - see the festival website for further details.

Saturday lunchtime welcomes performers to the ‘Dinner Time Concert’ in the Ritchie Hall from noon to 1pm.

In the evening at 6.30pm in the Ritchie Hall, organisers host the ‘Prizewinners Concert’, usually a very popular event, again ticket are £6.

Following the concert is the ceilidh, again dancing to Graeme Mitchell and his Band and supporting traditional artists. Ticket £6.

To round off the weekend, there is the ‘Farewell Ceilidh’ in the Royal Brittish Legion Hall, Strichen on Sunday from 2pm.

All tickets available by telephoning 01771 637344.