Strichen turbine 
plans are revealed

Aberdeenshire Council have published proposals from Distributed Generation Ltd online concerning the proposed erection of a 59.5 metre tall wind turbine at Hawkhill, Strichen.

The proposed turbine will be used by local company Yearlings Poultry, a free range egg and poultry business.

“Over the past couple of years we have found it very difficult to run the business profitably. Margins have been squeezed and costs have risen and we found it very difficult to compete on the open market. This has forced us to make a change of direction as far as the family business is concerned Our ideas include, obviously, a turbine which will improve the cash flow of the business and also be a community-led enterprise,” wrote Caroline and Peter Inskip of Yearlings Poultry in the design and access statement of the planning application.

They add that they have plans to support a community allotment scheme in which locals could grow vegetables

“In essence, this turbine is a means to an end to help us realise some of our other ideas. The community would also obviously benefit from the turbine which would provide
essential cash to go towards
promoting further developments of green energy within the village, ie solar panels etc.,” the statement

Distributed Generation Ltd state in the documentation submitted to Aberdeenshire Council: “The owner of yearlings Poultry, Mr Peter Inskip, runs a small family owned egg production business at Hawkhill (near Strichen) and has identified wind energy as a valuable form of financial diversification, particularly in light of the current economic climate. Mr Inskip has signed an agreement with Distributed Generation Ltd to lease the wind turbine site in return for a fixed percentage of gross generation revenue. In addition, Mr Inskip may also choose to invest directly in the scheme.”

They forecast that at the proposed turbine will reduce the amount of CO2 by 810,000kg annually.

The planning application for this wind turbine can be viewed online on the planning section of Aberdeenshire Council’s website:

The application is open to public comment until Monday, August 20, 2012.

Consultation responses for the proposed build are expected by August 1.