Strichen wind turbine in doubt

WIND POWER: Several wind turbines have been proposed in Strichen.
WIND POWER: Several wind turbines have been proposed in Strichen.

Proposals that would see a 59.5 metre tall wind turbine erected at Hawkill, Strichen, have been thrown into doubt after the Defence Infrastructure Organisation contacted Aberdeenshire Council to tell planners that a potential problem had been found.

The MOD Safeguarding officer said to Aberdeenshire Council, in a letter dated August 1: “A potential problem has been identified . . . It has been referred to the relevant MOD technical experts,” adding that a response would hopefully be available later in the

RSPB Scotland have also returned to Aberdeenshire Council with their thoughts on the proposed

In a letter to planners, RSPB Scotland said: “In this case, RSPB Scotland does not anticipate that this proposal will have a significant impact on birds in the local area.

“Post-construction monitoring linked to some form of cumulative impact assessment would assist our understanding of potential issues connected to the build up of turbines on birds. This in turn would better inform our responses to such proposals . . .

“In summary, RSPB Scotland does not have serious concerns with this proposal in isolation but would encourage the council to consider the general comments above regarding the assessment of potential cumulative impact.”

The Joint Radio Company, too, have no objections to the proposed erection of the wind turbine at Hawkhill.

“In the case of this proposed wind energy development, JRC does not foresee any potential problems based on known interference scenarios and the data you have provided. However, if any details of the wind farm change, particularly the disposition or scale of any turbine(s), it will be necessary to re-evaluate the proposal,” they told Aberdeenshire

The closing date for public comment on the planning application is
August 20.