Supermarket given approval

ABERDEENSHIRE Council revealed last week that a planning application for Watermill Road has been granted approval, meaning that the proposed supermarket and petrol filling station can now be constructed.

The development is proposed to be constructed opposite the existing Boothby Road junction which leads into Watermill Road, where there is an existing petrol filling station.

The supermarket itself will feature two entrances, a customer restaurant, and 254 parking spaces, competing with the town’s two other supermarkets, Tesco and the Co-operative.

The latter of which is scheduled to move to a smaller premises in the future.

The name of the supermarket chain moving into Fraserburgh has not yet been revealed, however, with Robertson Property Limited lodging the proposals on behalf of Halliday Fraser Munro.

The planning proposal received no public comments during its time on the Aberdeenshire Council website, with the Fraserburgh Herald asking its readers last week for their views on the proposal now that it had been granted.

Reader James G. Watt wrote: “I welcome this news, a petrol station from a supermarket is badly needed in order to get a better deal for Brochers at the fuel pumps, although this won’t help the town centre. I feel that many towns - not just the Broch - are suffering at the mercy of the supermarket giants and rightly so, why pay more at a local shop if it’s cheaper at the supermarket? There are many retailers that [have] a chance to come to the town centre and they don’t - is this sign of the double dip recession, or is it because town centres are no longer thriving places for shopping? All the focus is on the outskirts of the town, new housing and retail parks. I fear the local town centres are a thing of the past.”

Stephanie Wilkie added: “Think it’s great news! Best thing [that] could happen! More so [with] a filling station, bring on the competition!”