Supermarket search for Broch’s longest loved up couple

Asda Fraserburgh.
Asda Fraserburgh.

A supermarket giant in Fraserburgh is looking for the Broch’s longest loved-up couple so they can treat them to a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Asda are searching for Fraserburgh’s longest married couple so they can celebrate their remarkable achievement.

David Kirk, Cupid-in-Chief and general store manager at Asda Fraserburgh, commented: “Valentine’s Day is a very special day for couples, so we thought what better way to help celebrate than by treating a local long-standing couple to a special gift.”

“We’re appealing for married couples from across Fraserburgh, who are celebrating many happy, prosperous years together, to come forward and bring a copy of their marriage certificate to the store next time they are in doing their shopping.”

The “golden oldie” couple will receive flowers, a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

To enter the search to find Fraserburgh’s longest-married couple; please take a photocopy of your marriage certificate to the customer service desk at the store no later than Wednesday 10 February.

Alternatively, photocopies can be emailed to