Support for councillor in search for beach solution

Councillor Ian Tait had asked for suggestions following a rescue at the beach.
Councillor Ian Tait had asked for suggestions following a rescue at the beach.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has received support in a call made previously for potential solutions regarding sea safety at the beach.

His call for safety had followed a rescue of children by Fraserburgh’s lifeboat who had fallen into trouble off the beach, three people latterly aided by the lifeboat when their dinghy had been swept out to sea at the beach.

At the time, Councillor Ian Tait said: “A parent has approached me to see what can be done to take every step to prevent this potential life-threatening situation arising again.”

Acknowledging there was already safety signage and equipment at the beach, he continued: “I am still concerned, though, because there is some doubt in my mind where to place more signs and whether children will see them and observe them.

“I am, therefore, asking anyone who can provide a possible solution to this to get in touch with me by email”

Suggestions from members of the public have, thus far, included flying warning flags across the prom, reinstating a line of anchored corks in the sea, bringing the issue to the attention of school headteachers, and encouraging swimmers to make use of the town’s new swimming pool while pointing out the differences between pool and sea swimming.

“I have passed the suggestions to officers to look into and, hopefully, produce a solution bringing together all the agencies mentioned in these suggestions,” Councillor Tait told us this week.