Teen Challenge set to visit New Pitsligo town centre

David Watt and the Teen Challenge bus.
David Watt and the Teen Challenge bus.

Teen Challenge is offering hope and help to residents of New Pitsligo who have been affected by addictions.

The Christian charity group is bringing its outreach bus to the town centre every Friday, between 1:30pm and 4pm.

In turn, the converted bus will offer visitors a safe and welcoming environment to discuss their problems and receive support and guidance from trained staff and volunteers.

The bus often acts as the first port of call for those looking to enter Teen Challenge’s residential programme – either at its men’s centre Sunnybrae, near Fyvie, or women’s centre Benaiah, near Mintlaw.

One of those helping on the vehicle in New Pitsligo is actually in the midst of the programme now, having boarded the bus himself. David Watt, 38, boarded the outreach vehicle whilst it was in Banff last year.

After 16 years of drug addiction and boarding the bus, the Gardenstown man was referred to the Sunnybrae centre and, 12 months on, is a changed man.

David commented: “In the year I’ve been in Sunnybrae everything has changed massively for me. I am completely clean and for the first time in years I have a fresh zeal for life.

“My road to recovery though started that day I wandered on to the Teen Challenge bus and I’d encourage anyone who is looking to overcome their own addictions to come speak to us in New Pitsligo – it could be the start of a whole new beginning for them.”

The course is made up of a mixture of class-based studies and practical workshops which equip students with a range of skills in, for example, cooking, bricklaying, and administration.

Graduates continue to receive support from the charity in establishing homes, careers, further education opportunities and finance management.