Tennis court improved

the tennis courts beside the wooden pavilion at Fraserburgh’s South Links are getting a facelift with new fencing being erected.

Three courts are also in need of re-surfacing so fencing is being undertaken in such a way so as to let a panel be removed to allow works vehicles in when required. The panelling is being carried out this financial year and the re-surfacing will be done in the coming financial year when the council’s capital budget has been approved.

Councillor Ian Tait told the Herald: “These are the only tennis courts in Fraserburgh and so it is very important to keep them in a playable condition.

“It is also very important from the point of view of giving residents and especially youngsters a full range of wholesome recreational and fitness activities to take part in.

“I have always maintained that the putting green at the other side of the pavilion must be kept in good order to provide another recreational activity. This is done at very little cost.”

“This measure will provide the opportunity for exercise and recreation. When people wish to keep themselves fit and healthy it is essential the council should help them to do so.”