Tent in the Park is a big success

Tent in the Park: The event held last week was seen as a great success despite the bad weather.
Tent in the Park: The event held last week was seen as a great success despite the bad weather.

Tent in the Park came close to being ‘No Tent in the Park’ as the northerly winds severely battered and threatened to lift the tent before the first service began on Monday night.

The event formed part of Evangelist Marilyn Harry and his team’s Gospel Mission and healing Miricle Clinic with the Fraserburgh Community Church.

Marilyn told the Herald of her work as a midwife and seeing a miricle when she was a midwife.

She said: “I found Christ when I was very young at 19. The first miracle I saw was when I was a midwife and saw a baby that was confirmed dead come back to life after over an hour.”

Marilyn was born in South Wales and travels the UK with her evanglistic ministry.

Tent in the Park got off to a bad start in Fraserburgh due to the adverse weather conditions - the children’s activities having to be switched to Fraserburgh Community Church.

As the wind and rain continued the men were kept busy making the tent safe by keeping the stakes hammered in and adjusting the ropes. Nevertheless Monday evening saw a good crowd of people attend in spite of the weather.

The numbers kept up the whole week and the evening evangelistic services were amazing as Marilyn Harry shared the gospel and telling stories in her lovely Welsh accent.

Her ability to have people laughing one minute and at the point of tears the next as she kept their attention with her God-given gift of relating the teaching of bible stories to everyday life and her earlier experiences as a nurse and midwife.

Marilyn brought a small team with her and at the evening services some of them shared their stories of drug-dictated lives and the chaotic lifestyles that go with drug addiction.

The change came when their journey led them to experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ that set them on a new course sharing their stories in order to show to those still in the clutches of drugs that there is hope of a better life and that comes through Jesus Christ.

Not all the team had experienced that lifestyle. Team member Amanda told the Herald that she had everything but still was not happy.

She said: “I had a great car, holidays every few months, a great job and was married. I still found myself crying myself to sleep at nights and I just was not happy with my life. There will be many people who will feel like I did at this very moment and time.”

Amanda proves that it is not always drug addicts that can feel lost and find happiness and peace with Jesus Christ.

There were many different events over the week including some live music which saw some contemporary songs of praise.

One sign of a good service is that at the end people don’t rush off and every night after the service was finished the band continued with modern praise songs as lots of people flooded the front joining in the songs late into the night while others mingled enjoying a cuppa and a catch up with friends old and new.

Another encouraging feature was the people who supported from other churches and those who attended with no church connections at all.

On Saturday morning the church had an open-air service in the town square which saw visitors and people from the Broch listening and stopping to chat to Marilyn and her team.

The final service in the tent was on Sunday morning and immediately it finished the men set about dismantling the tent before it was whisked away to its next event in the south of England.

The final service of the week’s event was held back in Fraserburgh Community Church on Sunday evening. This was a time of celebration at the changes God had made in peoples lives in many different ways, some rejoicing in their new found faith in Jesus Christ.

As a follow up to Tent in the Park Fraserburgh Community Church are running an Alpha Course on Wednesday evenings in the church at Grattan Place starting on Wednesday. The Alpha Course runs over a period of ten weeks exploring the meaning and purpose of life in relation to the bible and its relevance to our everyday lives today.

These courses are run in a friendly non-threatening environment in Fraserburgh Community Church 29 Grattan Place Fraserburgh. Call Sarah for more inoromation on 07595 435 692.