Th-ink-ing outside the litter box after storm cat-tat-strophe

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A volunteer has thought up a unique fundraising idea after a sanctuary in Auchnagatt was hit with £10,000 worth of damage during Storm Frank.

Eilidh Haggart, 24, will allow donators to design her next tattoo to raise funds for The New Arc animal sanctuary after their cat house was destroyed by Storm Frank.

Eilidh, who works as a volunteer for the sanctuary, said: “Well obviously with it being January it was going to have to be something ridiculous that I would have to do to raise money.

“I thought that the best way to go about raising money would be to give people the opportunity to embarrass me.”

Donators of over £7 to Eilidh’s campaign will design a tattoo, a vote will then be held by those that donated to see which one will be inked on Eilidh permanently.

Eilidh started out with a target of £700 but has already more than doubled that number, currently standing at nearly £1,700, to go toward rebuilding parts of the animal sanctuary.

Keith Marley, director of The New Arc, said: “Eilidh is a lovely girl who helps out with us but this is just above and beyond.”

The New Arc is looking at a bill of £10,000 to replace their cat house alone and has also suffered damage throughout other parts of the sanctuary.

Keith said: “While the storm was taking place we sat and watched the roof being torn off the cat house.

“Almost every aviary and almost every shed we have lost roofing.”

Mr Marley said that although all the animals have been temporarily relocated they have a limited time to work with and need to be finished by the end of February.

He said: “Every thing we get at the moment is very much appreciated because obviously still have a way to go and every penny that we raise will go towards the new cat house.”

Donations can be made to New Arc via paypal or to Eilidh’s campaign at