The councils that grit together stay together

Aberdeenshire Council has been working together with its neighbour, Aberdeen City Council, to tackle major snowfall which has affected parts of the North-east on Tuesday, January 22.

Members of the city council’s roads team offered their help to their Aberdeenshire counterparts with the provision of two gritters.

It is the first time that gritters have been volunteered between the two local authorities.

The vehicles were used to help treat the A944 route between Aberdeen and Alford, a busy commuter route for motorists travelling between the city and shire. One of the vehicles also treated a number of main streets within Westhill.

Philip McKay, Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads and Landscape Services,

said: “It has been a very busy day for our roads crews, who have been working in extreme conditions all day and will be getting ready to go out and do it all again tomorrow.

“We are grateful to the city for their offer of assistance which has helped us ensure that as many routes as possible are treated.

“It is great to see the two local authorities working together to ensure that motorists across the north-east are kept as safe as possible on their journeys between city and shire, and beyond.”

Hugh Murdoch, Aberdeen City Council’s Head of Asset Management and Operations, said: “The Aberdeen City Council gritters were used on the Aberdeen to Westhill and Alford roads, which are heavily used commuter routes for people travelling to work in the city from outlying areas, to try and ensure that people who travelled into the city this morning can get home safely and are not stranded in Aberdeen overnight.

“Aberdeen City Council’s gritting operations continue We are treating side streets as well as the priority routes. We continue to monitor the forecast and conditions and to react accordingly.

“This type of partnership working is essential during periods of inclement weather and helps to ensure the safety of people travelling in the city and Aberdeenshire.”