The Orphan Shop donates shipment of goods to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean children pose for the camera. The damage from the fire can be seen in the background.
Zimbabwean children pose for the camera. The damage from the fire can be seen in the background.

The Orphan Shop in Fraserburgh sent a shipment of 11 drums of clothes and other essential items to an orphanage in Zimbabwe recently.

The charity, which is situated on the town’s High Street, sent the drums to Little Endy Orphanage in the African country.

The shipment of 11 drums included clothing, shoes, food, pencils and paper, creams and other essentials. Tina Buchan, who runs The Orphan Shop, even snuck in a few cars and dolls for the children to play with.

Tina and her helpers at The Orphan Shop send provisions to the orphanage every year. The cost to send the 11 drums is £3300.

Many of the items which are sent by the charity are too expensive or unavailable to buy locally.

This year, the children are in even greater need than usual, as they recently had a devastating fire at the orphanage.

The Orphan Shop fund-raises throughout the year to send these drums, the most recent fund-raiser being the Furniture and Car Boot Sale beside Deejays in Fraserburgh.

Ian Morris, who is a long-term volunteer with The Orphan Shop, came up with the idea to have a big community event.

At the sale last month, 11 car-booters set up their stances.

The Orphan Shop also had bric-a-brac, soft toys and Tombola tables as well as large furniture. Meanwhile the children were kept busy by Rumble Tumble Leisure.

Rumble Tumble also returned later in the month for a second car boot sale, when 12 car-booters sold their wares.

Many of those who attended will be returning this weekend.

The next Furniture and Car Boot Sale will be taking place this Saturday, October 5, from 10am to 3pm at Deejay’s carpark.

Thereafter, organisers hope to look for indoor premises to continue the car boot sales over the winter months.

If you would like to book a stance, contact Ian on 07543595763 or Tina on 01346516815.

Alternatively, see The Orphan Shop Facebook page or visit the shop on 4 High Street, Fraserburgh.

Organisers ask for a small donation of just £8 per stance in aid of The Orphan Shop.

The Orphan Shop accepts donations of all sizes, new and used. They even take ‘rags’ as they can be recycled. The Orphan Shop can also assist if help is needed to collect or deliver items from the shop.

The Orphan Shop would like to thank all the volunteers, customers and kind locals who donate their unwanted items for their support. Thanks to these donations, The Orphan Shop is able to support the 47 children in Little Endy Orphanage.