Three day food bank diet for Fraserburgh students

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Fraserburgh students have completed a three day food bank diet to raise awareness for the charitable outlet and to see what they can offer.

Seven students at the North East of Scotland College in Fraserburgh started the diet on Monday.

They will eat only food supplied in a food parcel from North Aberdeenshire Foodbank for three days - the normal number of days that one parcel supplies.

Angela Watt, who is involved with the students project as the North East of Scotland College, said that the food bank diet would raise awareness and the profile of food banks which provide emergency food to people within the local area.

She said: “The students have been busy organising and preparing for the project and are about to complete a 3 day food bank diet.

“In conjunction with North Aberdeenshire Food bank Manager Jeanie Price, who has kindly donated food packages, the students will experience from a personal viewpoint the struggles that individuals and families go through to put food on the table.”

The students are also using their food bank diet as a fundraising event for North Aberdeenshire Food Bank and all money raised will go to the charity organisation.

Jeannie Price, who runs North Aberdeenshire Food Bank, said that the students were keen to raise awareness of the food bank.

She said: “Living off a food bank parcel enables them to see what a food bank parcel can give them.

“It’s three days lot’s of food and someone getting a food parcel will be able to make balanced meals for a three day period.”

Ms Price explained that food parcels could be used in emergency or crises situations by anyone in need.

The students diet will vary dependent on the parcel they receive which has been donated by the food bank.

Ms Price said: “Because all of our food is donated we can’t guarantee that they all have a certain tin or vegetable in them so the students will get a surprise when they open the box.”

As well as awareness Ms Price also glad of the fundraising aspect to the three days.

She said: “The big push for us at the moment in financial support and the fact the girls want to do this as sponsored thing is great.”