‘Through the Years’ takes Broch by storm

PHOTOS THROUGH THE YEARS: Thousands of people are uploading photographs in their family albums to the Facebook group.
PHOTOS THROUGH THE YEARS: Thousands of people are uploading photographs in their family albums to the Facebook group.

A Fraserburgh sensation has been sweeping the internet for the past few weeks, with thousands of people from across the world logging on to see what is so special about the Broch.

‘Fraserburgh Photos Through the Years’, a Facebook group set up by local residents Avril Reid and Ian Reid provides the stage for photographs of the Broch to be uploaded and shared by the general public.

Nearing 4,000 members and with well over that number of photographs, the project, started in February, has been attracting interest from Brochers across the world.

The group has become so popular, in fact, that the pair hope to be able to make a calendar featuring twelve of the best photographs to raise funds for the proposed annual Fraserburgh Gala.

Narrowing it down to just 12 photographs, however, may be a project in itself, as Mr Reid commented: “Someone going to the site now would have a job going through all the photos.”

Ms Reid and Mr Reid praised everyone involved with the project so far, commenting that since the group had started there has been very little trouble from users.

“It’s everyone else that runs it, it’s down to the community.

“We’ve had a great response from everyone. It’s stirred up community spirit,” Ms Reid said, adding: “There’s been a lot of bad press about the Broch, so it’s good to see something positive for a change.”

“The praise we’re getting for starting it is really embarrassing,” added Mr Reid.

Nevertheless, ‘Fraserburgh Photos Through the Years’ has proved a hit with the online community.

“It’s bringing back memories, it’s amazing what a photograph can do,” commented Ms Reid.

As well as photographs, one user of the group, Norman Robertson, wrote a poem to commemorate it:

There’s photos here fae times long past,

And comments cummin’ thick an’ fast,

‘Through the years’ is a’ the rage,

Wi’ Brochers glued ti Facebook’s page.

Wi’ fishing boats, an’ trains galore,

Reminders o’ the ‘days of yore’

Shops, lang gone, an’ streets nae there,

Friends we knew; some here, nae mair.

Wifies dressed in bonnie goons,

Guttin’ quines, and fisher loons,

Mannies workin’; bairns at play,

Memories of a byegone day.

Freenlie banter, back an’ fore,

Chats wi’ folk beyond our shore,

Comments that will mak ye laugh,

Bit, nithing coorse, ti pit ye aff.

“Faa’s at chappie stannin’ there?”

“At’s ma man, fin he hid hair”

“Far is ess?” and “faas ‘at folk?”

“OMG, dae ye mine at frock?”

Photographs that we must treasure,

Gee oorselves and others pleasure,

Now we see that it was daft,

Tae stow awa, up in the laft.

Avril Reid and Ian Reid would like to thank everyone in helping to keep the group active so far, and would like to invite anyone interested in having a photograph uploaded for them, as they realise that some people may not have the facilities required to share their pictures of the town, down to Motor Parts, 7 Barrasgate Road, where Ms Reid works.

You can visit ‘Fraserburgh Through the Years’ online at www.facebook.com/groups/224451977651920/.