Tighten security, say police

ABERDEENSHIRE residents living in rural areas are being urged to tighten security around their properties as the darker winter nights draw

The remote location of properties such as farms and lodges can make them a target for thieves.

Constable Andy Rankin, Crime Reduction Officer for Aberdeenshire Division, said: “Garden sheds, garages, and farm outbuildings can be targets for thieves as such buildings are often not as well protected as

“In addition, these types of buildings can contain valuable items such as bicycles, power tools, farm equipment, and

“I would urge owners to have a check of their security and make any improvements necessary.

“These improvements might include fitting good quality padlocks, preferably ‘close shackle’ locks which are more resistant to cutting, and good quality hasps.

“Ensuring that screws on hasps and doors cannot be unscrewed from the outside, or using ‘one way screws’, also makes it more difficult for thieves.

“Simple precautions can be taken like screening windows so that the contents of buildings can’t be seen.

“Finally, fitting an infra red security light or a small shed alarm, both of which are fairly cheap and readily available, can also act as deterrents to those intent on stealing from you.”

Residents in rural areas are also encouraged to tell a family member or neighbour if they will be away from their house for any period of time and ask neighbours to conduct checks on their property. By looking out for each other you might prevent a theft

Anyone seeking further security advice should contact their local Grampian Police Crime Reduction Officer on 0845 600 5 700 or access the Crime Reduction information on the website: www.grampian.police.uk.