Topping in CCTV plea to community councillors

Fraserburgh and district councillor Brian Topping made plea to Fraserburgh Community Council members last Tuesday on the future of the town’s CCTV cameras.

Councillor Topping, who is also the chair of the CCTV Working Group and the Fraserburgh Community Safety Group, told councillors that the town’s cameras needed improving.

“Obviously, people have their views on CCTV cameras, and that’s fine, but a lot of people have been brought to justice, so we are looking to get additional funding,” he said.

The SNP councillor had told the community group that a letter of support for the CCTV Working Group had already been received from the local police inspector.

“Added to that, the police have also asked for two other sites for policing issues,” he revealed.

He continued: “We just really want to see the scheme finished, and upgrade the cameras. We’ve no money coming and, and we’ve go to repaid them.

“That’s why we’re applying for regeneration money.”

Concerns, however, were raised of the manning of the town’s CCTV cameras.

Councillor Topping had earlier given his view that the cameras had reduced crime, but confirmed that they were not manned like the CCTV cameras in use in Aberdeen city. Instead, the cameras are recorded and used retrospectively. To have the cameras manned, he told councillors, would cost £100,000 per annum.