Topping welcomes bus stop news

Jen MacDonald, Betty Smith, Councillor Topping, and his grandchild, Lachlan.
Jen MacDonald, Betty Smith, Councillor Topping, and his grandchild, Lachlan.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Brian Topping has this week welcomed the preservation of a bus route which picks up at Albany Court.

The long-serving SNP councillor, who says he and residents of the sheltered housing complex fought to keep, welcomed the news that Stagecoach will be maintaining that route as well as two others in Fraserburgh after there were fears that they would be terminated.

Commenting, Councillor Topping said: “The concern that the council had, and that I shared, was that they were keen to see the bus that goes past Smiddy Hill kept, and also the one past Scalloway Park which I fought for many years ago.”

The councillor suggested to us that 17 people are picked up at Albany Court, on average, each day, the evidently popular Dennyduff Road stop a link for residents of Albany Court, and the surrounding households, to travel throughout the town.

“I’ve obviously pushed from behind the scenes, through the officers, for this.

“I’m really glad to say that they’re going to keep all three of these routes on. A lot of my elderly constituents do use that service and it’s very vital to them.

“I’d like to thank Stagecoach who have actually had a proper consultation and listened to their fee-paying passengers, and anyone who contacted Stagecoach.

“I’m pleased,” Councillor Topping added.

Residents Betty Smith and Jen MacDonald, pictured with Councillor Topping and his grandchild, Lachlan, also welcomed the decision to keep the route, both residents having played a part in the consultation with Stagecoach Bluebird.