Broch councillor welcomes upgrades for car park

Councillor Brian Topping at the car park near the Mace in Fraserburgh.
Councillor Brian Topping at the car park near the Mace in Fraserburgh.
  • Cllr Brian Topping ‘delighted’ after many years of confusion
  • Ownership of the land was previously unknown
  • recently discovered title deeds show land belongs to former Banff & Buchan District Council

A Fraserburgh councillor has welcomed the announcement of carpark upgrades near a Broch convenience store.

Councillor Brian Topping has told the Fraserburgh Herald he is delighted that the repair works will be taking place at the carpark on Hillcrest to the rear of the Mace store.

The improvements have only been made possible, however, following a long-standing dispute over who owns the land – Aberdeenshire Council or the Mace on the town’s West Road.

Over the years, Cllr Topping has been asked a number of times if the state of the carpark could be improved, with many people insisting the land was owned by the local authority.

However, it wasn’t until the discovery of the original title deeds by the new Mace owner last year which showed that the land did indeed belong to the former Banff and Buchan District Council.

Now that the ownership question has been resolved, Cllr Topping has had further meetings with officers in Banff and Aberdeen to secure funding.

Commenting, Cllr Topping said: “I’m obviously delighted that after all these years what I and many of my constituents thought was the case, is indeed the case, that it is actually owned by the Council and not the Mace.

“I very much want to thank the new owner for getting in touch with me and that she was able to uncover the original title deeds.”

Separately, Cllr Topping has also asked Council officials if a lay-by for a small number of cars could be created at the other side of the Mace store.

Council officers made a site visit to determine whether the creation of a lay-by was possible but felt such a lay-by could not be justified when there is an adequate carpark nearby.

Speaking to the Herald, Cllr Topping said he was disappointed with the outcome of the officers’ site visit, but would continue to push for one to be created in the future.

The councillor added that if the creation of a lay-by fails to happen, he has been given assurances that there is money in a Council budget to remove the cobbles near to the convenience store and replace them with a smooth surface instead.