Concerns raised over A90 roads and junctions

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  • Local councillor concerned about number of fatalities
  • Ingram calls for better sign posting and lighting at Toll of Birness
  • Cortes junction also highlighted as problem area

Following a series of serious accidents on North East roads this year, concerns about the safety of the routes are being raised.

The news follows last weeks one vehicle collision with a tree at the Flushing Straight between Longside and Peterhead. Police were called out to the incident at 1:15pm on Wednesday, April 8, and the air ambulance was also called to the scene.

The part of the A950 was closed for several hours where the Silver Ford B-Max had crashed.

Mintlaw councillor Jim Ingram has been vocal about his worries regarding the roads.

“On a number of occasions I’ve said that I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of serious accidents and fatalities in the area.

“The statistics from December going into January showed at the time that there was one fatality a month occurring on average.

“I’ve spoke to the police about the it but they have said that each individual accident has to be considered on it’s own merit which could involve things like the sun being in somebodies eyes.

“Statistics seem to show that this part of the country has the highest number of fatalities in all of Scotland.”

Councillor Ingram also highlighted certain parts of the roads as being particularly dangerous, most notably the Toll of Birness junction.

“The Toll of Birness is something which was discussed at the community council weeks ago.

“The junction can be very misleading at times especially if you’re coming from Aberdeen and especially if it’s dark.

“I would like to see it better signposted and certainly I think it needs to have better lighting.

“Ten years ago a review was undertaken about the Toll of Birness and Cortes junctions which suggested they were due improvements although this never materialised.

“Hopefully Bear Scotland, when they undertake their review later this year can review resurrect these possibilities.”

Councillor Ingram also mentioned his concerns at the recent cuts in the road budgets.

“The recent council budget has pruned a couple million out of the roads budget which could impact on the safety of the roads.”

Early this year Police figures relating to Operation CEDAR revealed that there had been 25 fatalities in the Grampian region between April and December 2014.