Convoy and weekend contraflow at Tipperty

Transport Scotland
Transport Scotland

A series of works are to be undertaken at Tipperty which will result in the temporary realignment of a short section of the A90.

Convoy working is expected to be in place from around 10pm on Thursday, February 15, until 6am the following morning.

This will require road users to stop at temporary traffic signals during quieter periods. The contractor will then escort road users through the works at 10mph as part of a convoy for safety reasons.

A contraflow is then expected to be in place on the A90 at Tipperty from around 8pm on Friday, February 16 until approximately 6am on Monday, February 19, which will enable the contractor to undertake central reservation and verge works.

While the contraflow is in place, road users will be unable to turn right into or out of Bridgend. Road users wishing to leave Bridgend to travel south should turn left onto the A90 and travel to Ellon Roundabout where they can turn and rejoin the A90 on the southbound carriageway.

Road users travelling on the southbound A90 wishing to turn into Bridgend will have to continue south until they reach Murcar Roundabout where they can turn and rejoin the A90 on the northbound carriageway, which will allow them to turn left into Bridgend.

From Monday, February 19, works will continue to progress on the central reservation. Lane closures are then expected to be in place at all times to create a safe space for workers; however, one lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction throughout the duration of these works.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “These traffic management measures on the A90 at Tipperty will enable the contractor to undertake necessary central reservation works.

“This change to road layout will bring drivers into close proximity with road workers, so we would also like to encourage road users to apply more caution than usual when driving through or nearby this section of the A90. Road users should also observe all road signage to enhance their safety, as well as the safety of others.

“We would like to thank road users for their continued patience and support during the construction of this major infrastructure project.”

These works are dependent on suitable weather conditions and may be subject to change at short notice.