Driver escapes from horror crash

The Silver Ford Fiesta was overturned and mangled.
The Silver Ford Fiesta was overturned and mangled.

A 19 year old male managed to escape a grim fate after loosing control of his Silver Ford Fiesta on the A952 Mintlaw to Toll of Birness road.

The young man, who so far has been named only as ‘Daniel’, managed to crawl out of his totalled vehicle alive with no apparent major injuries.

Daniel was said to be travelling to work after a collision with a van left his car upside down and wrecked.

He was then taken into the home of the people who’s garden his car had landed in before later being taken to hospital by his parents to be examined by a Doctor.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning with Police receiving the call at 5:13am.

The road was not left blocked after the crash car landed in the Garden at Cortes Kennel, where the car ended up resting just inches from the window of the houses living room.

The weather and road conditions are believed to have played a factor in the car overturning.