Councillors urging Brochers to complete crucial consultation

Fraserburgh and district councillor Brian Topping has spoken to the Fraserburgh Herald to urge guardians involved in an upcoming consultation to make their voices heard.

The rallying call comes following news that criteria to meet the requirements for a crossing patroller or crossing point on Boothby Road was not met, children to South Park, St Andrews and Fraserburgh Academy making use of the road to get to and from school.

Councillor Topping, speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald this week, said that nothing had been decided for Boothby Road yet, adding that the consultation process Aberdeenshire Council would now be conducting with the aforementioned schools should be taken up by everyone possible.

The long-standing Fraserburgh councillor added that the consultion would also give guardians the opportunity to look at the instalment of a crossing patroller at Buchan Road, the road having failed in two previous bids to meet the criteria necessary for such a measure.

“No decicision whatsoever has been made,” the councillor said, adding that he hoped, like his fellow councillors, Boothby Road would have both light controlled crossing measures and a school crossing patroller at Boobthy Road in the future.

Councillor Topping added that he had pushed for these measures over a number of years, both as a councillor and as part of the Community Safety Group, of which he is now chair.

Speaking on the consulatation, Councillor Topping said that he and his fellow SNP councillor Charles Buchan were “both arguing that everyone fills theirs in and, together, that will make the difference.”

“If you’re trying to encourage people to walk to school, you’ve got to make it safer,” added Councillor Topping.

Earlier this year, councillors Buchan and Topping were present a parent council meeting at Fraserburgh Academy, at which they had received a letter from South Park Primary School had sought the support of the parent council in their attempts to secure safety measures at Boothby Road.