Memsie speed limit gets mixed response

Memsie speed limit signs.
Memsie speed limit signs.

The new 40 miles per hour speed limit which was introduced at Memsie in the summer has received a mixed response from local residents.

The Fraserburgh Herald spoke to a number of Memsie residents, many of whom were pleased the 40-limit is in force, but continue to have concerns about the speed limit being obeyed.

The signs were erected earlier this year following a campaign by local people and councillors.

Commenting, John Buchan, who is director of Memsie Garage said: “The new 40 speed limit has made a difference. The road signs aren’t enough, though. We really need flashing speed limit signs.”

Aileen Buchan added: “I still feel it’s unsafe for the kids because of the people who do not obey the limit. But the road has improved and the speed limit has slowed the traffic down.”

Local resident Marlene Booth commented: “I think it’s made more of an improvement during the day than at night. Some people still go fast because it’s such a long straight.”

A fourth resident said: “During the day, yes, I would say the cars are slowing down. Say, seven out of ten of them. But at night I don’t think they do because you hear the cars zooming past.”