MSP adds to calls for quicker work on Station

Kintore Crossing
Kintore Crossing

A North-east MSP has joined local councillors calling on Transport Minister Keith Brown to improve on the delivery date of the long-awaited railway station in Kintore.

North East Liberal Democrat MSP Alison McInnes has called on the transport minister to fast track the re-opening of Kintore railway station, following the news that work is expected to start in 2016.

Last week the Herald reported that East Garioch councillors Nan Cullinane, Martin Ford and Fergus Hood had expressed disappointment at the time-scale revealed for the new station, with Councillor Ford stating that it had taken a “ridiculously long time” to get to the present stage.

Gordon MP Sir Malcom Bruce has also expressed disappointment at the projected delivery date saying “Kintore has grown significantly in recent years, and sorely needs better transport links.” (See this weeks “Week at Westminster” column, page 22)

In line with East Garioch councillors, Mrs McInnes welcomed the plans to re-open the station, but added that progress should be made as quickly as possible. She said, “I have written to transport minister Keith Brown asking for a timetable detailing how long it will take to build the station. Laurencekirk railway station took longer than anticipated to re-open – and has been a great success - and I am seeking assurances that Kintore will reopen without delay.

“Just a few weeks ago the minister said that Kintore station will only be able to operate after completion of the necessary substantial track and signalling enhancements between Aberdeen and Inverurie. He said this work will be completed by 2019. But does it really have to take so many years?”

She added, “When I contacted every household in Kintore 1,737 residents responded, with 96.95 per cent agreeing the station should be opened. Some 23.2 per cent said they would use it monthly, 14.28 per cent fortnightly, 24.53 per cent weekly, 19.4 per cent more than once a week, and 13.64 per cent daily.”