Skipper of Ocean Way pays tribute

The three men who lost their lives in the Ocean Way disaster.
The three men who lost their lives in the Ocean Way disaster.

The skipper of the Fraserburgh-registered fishing vessel has paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the Ocean Way tragedy.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Skipper Billy Edwards wished to thank everyone for their prayers, kind thoughts, messages, words of comfort, visits, cards and floral tributes following the tragedy.

Commenting, Billy said: “This has been a very sad time for everybody involved, especially for those who have lost loved ones.

“I can only pay the highest tributes possible to James. Michael and Jonito who tragically lost their lives.

“James and I have been Shipmates and then partners since 1999.

“He was a dedicated and responsible Fisherman and Skipper.

“Michael was with me for seven years and Jonito was on his second year. They were two of the nicest guys you could wish for on your boat - great workers dedicated to myself and James.”

A Memorial Service for James, Michael and Jonito is to be held in the Old Parish Church in Fraserburgh on Friday, November 14, at 2pm.

Billy added: “I would like to honour Rumolo and Nixon who survived after a very traumatic experience and after hearing their story of survival I can surely say their bravery was outstanding.

“I would like to thank Peter Day from the RNMDSF in North Shields who has been superb in attending to Rumolo and Nixon on a daily basis.

“Also all the personnel at Caley Fisheries North Shields and Fraserburgh who have provided a great service both nationally and internationally.

“Not forgetting Miriam of RNMDSF Fraserburgh for the help she has given already and also for the manner in which she has made the preparations for the Memorial Service for James ,Michael and Jonito which will be held in the Old Parish Church, Fraserburgh, on Friday, November 14, at 2pm.”