Traffic and parking raised at meeting

Charles Buchan.
Charles Buchan.

Two major traffic issues facing the Broch were the subject of discussion at the recent meeting of Fraserburgh Community Council.

The speed limit on South Road, currently set at 40mph, and the availability of car parking near the North East Scotland College were both highlighted at the monthly meeting.

Community councillors discussed whether the South Road speed limit should be lowered to 30mph, following the opening of the new Swimming Pool in the town.

Separately, the committee also discussed parking difficulties at North East Scotland College and Westfield School. The community council heard that college students have been parking their vehicles opposite the entrance to Westfield School, causing access problems.

Commenting, Councillor Charles Buchan said: “I’ve been involved in this matter since it was first raised by the Community Council a few months ago. The nearby residents have also expessed to me their concerns, both at the inappropriate speed of some cars, and disregard for traffic signals.

“Over the last few years the traffic and the hazards have changed greatly.

“Gray and Adams are now on both sides of South Road, increasing the transverse traffic with loads moving across.

“The shopping area has been built, attracting more traffic. And to greatly increase the traffic flow complexity, traffic controls are now in place to manage the significant movements to the new Community Centre, and Works parking area.

“I met Mr. Alan Burns, Head of Roads, this week, and was delighted to be informed that it has been decided to include this measure into the forthcoming Fraserburgh Traffic Management Order, which will include all the new necessary traffic measures throughout the town in one package.

“It will also include measures to solve the parking problems at the entrance to Westfield School, with which both Brian Topping and I have been engaged.

“Since South Road is a trunk road, Transport Scotland and Bear Scotland have to be consulted. However, it is hoped to go to the Area Committee about Easter, then the consideration of objections will take place, and then the necessary works will have to be undertaken, so completion will take some time, possibly into the second half of 2014.

“I would like to thank the members of the community, who went to the trouble to contact me, and to the Chair and members of Fraserburgh Community Council, for raising the matter and giving support, and, of course, the Banff and Buchan Roads Department.”