Troup councillor welcomes works

Councillor Hamish Partridge.
Councillor Hamish Partridge.

Troup councillor Hamish Partridge has this week spoken of his delight that works are progressing in Rosehearty to safeguard Murison Drive.

The area had been badly flooded last year and, since then, the councillor has spoken to us about the progress being made to ensure that such damage would not happen again.

Councillor Partridge, who was elected as an SNP councillor for Troup, said: “I am absolutely delighted to see the work starting on flood prevention for Murison Drive Rosehearty.

“After years of very little being done, this is a huge step forward for the protection of the houses within Murison Drive.

“Finally we can now physically see the work being done and, hopefully, light at the end of the tunnel for what is a very serious issue within Rosehearty.

“This is a great step forward in the prevention of flooding, but Aberdeenshire Council must not forget even with reducing the amount of water reaching Murison Drive, steps have to be taken to improve the drainage system within the street.”

He added: “All in all, this is good news and a positive step forward.”

Earlier this year, Councillor Partridge said: “Flooding within Murison Drive, Rosehearty, has been an ongoing issue for many, many years and a huge worry for the residents of the street.

“There has been very little done in the past to look at or even rectify this situation. Since the last flooding I have been on site a number of times with officers to discuss possible solutions and work plans”