Trump joins anti-windfarm debate

Billionaire Donald Trump has announced his intention to bank-roll an anti-wind farm group following the proposal to erect offshore wind turbines that would be in the line of sight of his golf complex at Menie.

Mr Trump has said that could air his dissatisfaction at the news to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, Edinburgh.

Mr Trump claimed that his lawyers have told him that he can bring a lawsuit to the courts over the proposed wind turbines, a lawsuit that would delay the erection of any turbines in the area for several years.

The United States’ Apprentice host had previously wrote to First Minister Alex Salmond, informing the SNP leader that he was ‘destroying’ the country’s coastline with wind farms.

Mr Trump also added in his letter that it is the Scottish public who will suffer because of wind turbines, commenting that tourism as a whole would drastically suffer.

Wind turbines have been erected across the North East in recent years, with anti-wind farm groups protesting their spread.

The latest of which is that of the Turbine Free Mormond Hill group.

Recently, they announced their delight upon the news that the proposal to erect 12 wind turbines on Mormond Hill had received a large number of local letters of representation calling for the plans to be rejected.

Immediately local areas, the action group claim, had lodged 157 letters against the proposal.

Aberdeenshire Council say they have received 210 letters of support for the wind farm.