Vandals destroy pupils’ art creations

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Pupils at South Park School have for a second time this week arrived at school to discover that vandals have damaged and destroyed their work.

During the recent eco days held at the Broch school pupils made mosiac tiles, planted shrubs and decorated the fence surrounding the playground.

However vandals have destroyed some of the tiles on more than one occassion by knocking or kicking off pieces of the mosaics, some of the fence decorations have been taken off and the bushes trampled on.

Speaking to the Herald, headteacher Linda Hutt said: “The pupils were extremely upset and annoyed that their work had been damaged and even destroyed.

“After all the children’s hard work and the pride they took completing the tiles to improve their school grounds, it is a shame that vandals are damaging their efforts.

“I would urge people in the local area to contact the police if they see any of our property being vandalised.”

The mosiac tiles made with recycable materials to help improve the school grounds and give the pupils a sense of pride in their school, were attached to the dyke at the school entrance.

They were made by the pupils of primary 6 who told the Herald: “We spent a long time making them and it was really good when we put up the tiles, making our school entrance more inviting.

“When we saw that they had been destroyed we were very annoyed, frustrated and sad.

“We would ask that whoever has damaged and destroyed our tiles to please stop doing this, they took us a long time to make and we did not make them for them to be vandalised so please stop vandalising our property, there is no point in this.”