VIP trip on the lifeboat

A family of three recently accepted a tour of the Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station and lifeboat, recently, having won the prize at the Lifeboat Open Day.

Charlize and Brad Murray, along with dad Robert, turned up last Saturday for the VIP tour where coxswain Victor Sutherland welcomed them to the station and introduced them to the crew: mechanic Gipper Ainslie, Stephen Brown, David Buchan, Jason Flett, William McDonald, John May, Iain Milne and Stuart Ross.

The family’s visit coincided with a Saturday morning lifeboat training exercise and, when offered the chance to go out on the lifeboat and seeing the crew being put through their paces, they jumped at it.

Brad and Charlize readily accepted coxswain Sutherland’s invitation to join him on the bridge as they left the harbour.

Both youngsters took charge of the 27.5 ton Trent class lifeboat under the coxswain’s direction and put her through her paces in Fraserburgh bay. They then saw the crew demonstrating what happens when they have to rescue people from the water by creating a man overboard scenario.

Their half-hour trip out to the sea passed in a flash and with Brad taking the wheel again he successfully steered the lifeboat back and into the harbour.

Brad, Charlize and dad Robert all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and thanked the coxswain and his crew for making them feel so welcome and for putting on such a brilliant visit.