Walking bus idea for Boothby floated

Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.
Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has this week promoted the idea of a walking bus to further benefit the youngsters utilising Boothby Road’s new crossing.

Talking to us this week, Councillor Tait floated the idea as a way to help keep youngsters fit, now that Aberdeenshire Council have installed a new crossing measure in the effort to make the road safer to tackle to and from school.

“I am very pleased that my efforts to get this crossing not only because makes it safer for everyone to cross Boothby Road, especially the young, the disabled and the elderly, but it also makes it possible to let the children have some exercise and gets them into the habit of walking,” the councillor said, before revealing that he had now contacted Aberdeenshire Council’s education officials in the hopes of seeing a walking bus started.

Writing to the council officials, Councillor Tait says: “Now that the puffin crossing is installed and working well on Boothby Road, I think it would be a good idea if you would contact the head teachers of the schools serving the children in this area to look at starting a walking bus.

“Previously, it was considered too dangerous to have the children in a walking bus crossing Boothby Road.

“Now that the danger is taken care of, it would be much better if children were to walk to school, not only because it is good for their health, but also to relieve the traffic congestion at South Park Primary.

“It would also conform to council’s green policies to minimise carbon dioxide emissions if the children walked rather than being transported by parents in their cars,” he adds.

Parking at South Park Primary School has previously seen parents and other members of the public contact the Fraserburgh Herald, with roads surrounding the school becoming congested at peak times.

Councillor Charles Buchan, welcoming the crossing at Boothby Road, had also hoped that the crossing would help alleviate this issue at the primary school.