We want you!

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Broch Skateclub has put out a call to all skaters, bladders, BMX’ers, scooter riders and anyone else who uses the skatepark to come forward and join up.

The club, which celebrates its first anniversary shortly, has ambitious plans for the future of the skate park but needs the support of those who use the facility to enable it to realise its vision.

Speaking to the Herald, chairman Chris Harrison said: “We have a lot of friends on Facebook however this does not make them skateclub members.

“It is free to join Broch Skateclub, so if you are a friend on the Facebook page please become a member, the more members we have the stronger we will become. Friends will see a link that will take you to the main site; brochskateclub.com, where you will be able to join us.

“We want to give everyone a say on what type of facility the town needs to give us a park which will last and provide everyone with years of fun and a challenge to all levels of riders. There is a lot of talent in the town and a decent facility would nurture this, creating a higher standard of expertise.

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in these activities to look us up and sign up.”

The future of the current skatepark will be investigated soon as the Broch Skateclub prepares to instruct a core sample/ground survey to evaluate whether the park is a suitable venue for redevelopment.

The shrinkage of the tar against the hard concrete ramps has left uneven bumps creating hazardous skating conditions.

Chris has been busy repairing this at the moment, he said: “The temporary repairs will provide a better surface. While this is working just now we don’t know how this will be affected by weather conditions, especially frost and ice so will have to wait until next spring to assess this.”

To celebrate the achievements of the club’s first year, the club will be holding a fun day in October.

Chris added: “We couldn’t hold a fun day during the summer because as the tar heats up it becomes too soft and spongy, making the surface too slow to get speed up to perform tricks.

“Hopefully we will hold a fun day in October, although this will be weather permitting, when we will celebrate the improvements we have made and give skate park users the opportunity to come along and show their skills for prizes.”

Further details of the fun day will be released nearer the event. In the meantime anyone who uses the skatepark or has an interest in the facilities on offer can find out about Broch Skateclub at