A very lucky escape for two local lads who were dicing with death!

The dangers and the unpredictability of the sea were once again highlighted at Fraserburgh beach last week when two boys got into serious difficulties.

Monday, 29th July 2019, 2:51 pm
Chay rescued one lad who was face downj in the water in Fraserburgh beach rescue

The pair who were playing in the water got out of their depth and began to struggle while one couldn’t keep his head above water.

The other boy’s cries for help could be heard on the beach

Chay Clark, a north-east grandfather was walking on the beach with his granddaughter when a girl ran up and alerted him to the boys plight.

The two young lads were very lucky indeed that strong swimmers were nearby.

Chay entered the water and headed for the two boys, while others on the beach rang the coastguard. Fraserburgh lifeboat crew were then paged and the lifeboat launched immediately.

Chay reckons it took him a few minutes to reach the boys. He found one boy was floating above the water and one boy was face down in the water. Chay turned the boy under the water and began dragging him back to the shore.

George Bruce and Kevin Clark joined in the rescue wading chest height into the water and assisting Chay drag the two boys to safety on the beach.

Meanwhile, three friends walking nearby heard the commotion and ran to assist.

Sarah Geddes, who swam out to rescue the second boy, was walking with Nadia Gresham and Tiagos Aries.

“When Mr Clark took the first boy in he said the second boy was still out in the water” said Sarah. “He shouted for help, so I just dropped all my stuff, borrowed a paddle board and headed straight out. I reached him, gave him the board and started pulling him in.

“My friend Nadia and another lady swam out to assist me in rescuing the second lad.”

Once on the shore Rebecca Glanville a nursery nurse helped with first aid until the ambulance crew arrived.

Tiago meanwhile had phoned for an ambulance and was with the first boy. He was by now receiving some specific instructions on providing life-saving first aid from a Scottish Ambulance Service controller on his phone.

Sarah had just dragged the second boy out of the water when following advice being provided, Tiago told her to run up to the café to see if there was a defibrillator available, in case they needed to use one.

The local lifeboat crew who had now arrived on scene helped stretcher the casualties to nearby waiting ambulances.

The two boys, who we have decided not to name to save their embarrassment, were last night recovering from their ordeal but it had been a very close thing.

Chay a crew member of the Fraserburgh fishing boat Christina S said he was “just happy to have been able to help and pleased that the boys have recovered.”

Members of the public are advised to be very careful and exercise caution while swimming in beaches at this time of year.

A member of the RNLI commented: “It might be the hottest day on record, but water temperatures could be as much as 20 degrees lower. Respect the Water is the RNLI’s drowning prevention campaign, highlighting the risks of cold water shock. More info is available at: www.respectthewater.com